Political Betting

Whenever there is a question on the outcome of an event, people have placed wagers on it. When talking about odds and betting, most people assume they're talking about sports. But many sportsbooks will take 'prop' bets, which are at times humorous wagers. This can range from the color of a celebrity's hair, the times a celebrity's face is shown, or the topic of discussion. It is no surprise that avid betters will bet on some of the most publicized political events- Elections. Political betting is not offered at many online betting sites, but we have listed the top sports betting sites that offer us the ability to bet on elections.

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History of Betting on Elections

Elections are a political hot topic, with heated debates no matter where they occur. Much rides on these very serious events. So what do people do? They wager on who will come out the victor. The history of betting on such somber events goes far back in history. As far back as the 16th century it was well known that people would place wagers on which candidate would become the next Pope. If not even religious leaders are exempt from betting on, it is no surprise now that people will bet on presidential elections.

Where can I bet on Elections?

Many sportsbooks will offer odds on 'prop' bets. Some are actually available to wager on, others are simply publicity stunts. If your favourite online sportsbook does allow wagers to be placed on elections, use caution and read all the fine print. It would also be wise to check the news sites for the country's elections you're interested in betting on, as sportsbooks are international gambling sites. Prop bets are not always a wise choice if you are looking to make a profit as the odds set are quite often a publicity stunt, and may even just reflect the book maker's preference to who wins.

Is it Legal?

Sportsbooks are only legal in four states in the United States. However, the laws on what bets are allowed are fairly strict. For example Nevada law very clearly states that all wagers must involve the outcome of athletic events. This means that players can place wagers, even prop wagers as long as it relates to a game. For example, betting on the singer who sings the anthem at the beginning of the game. However, they cannot place wagers on presidential elections as that does not involve a sporting event. The other three states have similar laws, and as online sports betting is in a grey area it's not quite accurate to say that betting on presidential elections is legal.

However, just because the US Presidential Election is murky does not mean that other countries don't enjoy the freedom to bet on their future leaders. For example, betting on the Australia Federal Election is legal, as well as various elections in the UK. It is best to check the laws before placing wagers, although it is a small safeguard to use a well-known and respected bookmaker as they are far less likely to offer illegal wagers. Some countries frown upon these wagers as they believe they incite illegal behavior, or fund the opposition.

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